CfP: Southeast Asian Gothic

Proposals are sought for a collected volume on Southeast Asian Gothic, edited by Katarzyna Ancuta, Mary J. Ainslie, Andrew Hock Soon Ng.
The contemporary rebranding of Gothic as a global phenomenon has led to an exploration of previously unchartered cultural territories in search of texts that are open to such interpretation. In particular, the recognition of Asia as a promising site for Gothic Studies reveals complex intra-Asian connections and cultural influences, shared heritage, philosophical and religious worldviews, beliefs, and values that foreground the need to investigate the local forms that are associated with Gothic contexts. This underscores a non-generic understanding of Gothic and the need to develop a methodology that can be applied to study a variety of texts. It also signifies the need to redefine the current boundaries of Gothic through the application of new methodologies based on Asian philosophies and viewpoints.

CfP: Science & Fiction

Paper proposals can be submitted for a "Science & Fiction" panel for the Midwest Modern Language Association (MMLA) conference themed "Arts and Sciences", to take place in Columbus, Ohio from November 12-15, 2015

This year’s Science & Fiction panel is pleased to engage the convention theme “Arts and Sciences.” The session invites papers exploring the relations between science and fiction in diverse cultural expressions such as literature, film, theater, and the visual arts. How does science, broadly conceived, interact with the arts, either as a subject or practice within a production of the arts, OR, how do scientific efforts or practices influence a specific text, shedding light on the interaction of science and art? Explorations of non-English language and non-canonical texts are welcome.

Please send a 250-word abstract and a brief CV to Brett Wiley (brett.wiley@mvnu.edu) and Oscar A. Pérez (perezo@beloit.edu) by April 5.
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CfP: Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies

Articles for issue #14 (to be published in summer 2015) of The Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies can be submitted until April 1, 2015 (reviews till May 16).

The journal publishes scholarly articles and reviews on all aspects of the gothic and horror across literature, film, new media, television and beyond. Artivles and reviews dealing with any aspect of Gothic and horror studies, including (but not limited to) literature, film, television and new media. 

Articles should be between 5000-7000 words in length and follow the MHRA style, which can be found here.
Reviews should be no more than 1000 words with full publication/release/transmission dates and details of the subject discussed. Please note, reviews of contemporary and classic horror films should focus on those that have been released or revived theatrically or on DVD within the last year.

Texts can be submittes for consideration to Dr. Dara Downey and Dr. Jenny McDonnell at irishjournalgothichorror@gmail.com.


CfP: Monsters and the Monstrous

Monsters and the Monstrous is a biannual peer-reviewed global journal that serves to explore the broad concept of ‘The Monster’ and ‘The Monstrous’ from a multifaceted interdisciplinary perspective. The journal publishes works that seek to investigate and assess the enduring influence and imagery of monsters and the monstrous on human culture throughout history. In particular, the journal has a dual focus with the intention of examining specific ‘monsters’ as well as evaluating the role, function and consequences of persons, actions or events identified as ‘monstrous’.


CfP: Incarcerations, Lynchings, and Executions

Paper proposals are sought for a collected volume titled "Stand Your Ground: Incarcerations, Lynchings, and Executions," edited by Chris Vanderwees and Percy Walton.

With 5% of the world’s population, the U.S. comprises 25% of the world’s prison population, or 724 prisoners per 100,000 people (Pleases, Vicky, BBC News, March 8, 2013); it is not surprising, therefore, that many American Studies scholars see the U.S. as a police state. In addition, the “Stand Your Ground” laws, in one form or another, have been implemented in 46 states. Since the perpetrators under these “self-defence rulings” tend to be White men, and the victims young black men, Stand Your Ground laws, in effect, allow for a new form of lynching. The U.S., of course, is also the only developed country in the world (with the exception of Japan), that still retains the death penalty, or, what David Garland calls: “America’s peculiar institution” (playing on the title of Kenneth M. Stampp’s 1956 book on slavery). We are interested in papers that explore the state of the U.S. prison system, prison writings, executions, and Stand your Ground laws, in any literary genre, in the hope of coming to some understanding of the social, cultural, and racial dynamics of discipline and punishment in the U.S. Currently, we have interest from a publisher and will seek to publish successful papers as an edited collection.

Please send a 500 word abstract (or completed papers) and a CV to Chris Vanderwees and Priscilla Walton. Completed papers will be given preference.
contact e-mail: chrisvanderwees@gmail.com

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CfP: Representations of Cruel Children in Popular Texts

Paper proposals are invited for a collected volume on "The Representation of Cruel Children in Popular Texts," edited by Monica Flegel and Christopher Parkes.

Much has been written about the subject of cruelty against children, but this volume of collected essays seeks to focus critical attention instead on the representation of the cruel child. As a cultural sign, the cruel child lies at the nexus of many different and competing discourses that construct the child and childhood. By examining the cruel child in many kinds of popular texts we can sharpen our understanding of the changing nature of the representation of the child.

CfP: Victorian Self-Fashioning

The Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Association of the Western United States (VISAWUS) seeks paper proposals for their annual conference on "Victorian Self-Fashioning," to take place from October 22-24, 2015 in Denver, CO USA.