CfP: Speculative Fiction

The University of Liverpool invites proposals for the postgraduate conference on speculative fiction, to take place on 8th June 2015.

With Keynote Lectures from:
Dr. Andrew M. Butler (Canterbury Christ Church University)
Dr. Sarah Dillon (University of Cambridge)

Returning for its fifth consecutive year, CRSF is a one day postgraduate conference designed to promote the research of speculative fictions, including SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY and HORROR; showcasing some of the latest developments in these dynamic and evolving fields. CRSF attracts an international selection of delegates and provides a platform for postgraduate students to present their current research, encourages discussion with scholars in related subjects and the construction of crucial networks with fellow researchers. The University of Liverpool, a leading centre for the study of speculative fiction and home to the Science Fiction Foundation Collection, will host the conference.

CfP: Gothic Fiction

The Gothic panel of the South Central Modern Language Association (SCMLA) is now accepting abstracts for the 2015 conference. This panel is open to all approaches and topics that relate to the study of Gothic fiction. Please submit an abstract of 250-300 words along with a brief biographical note to joel.terranova@gmail.com by 31 March 2015.

For more information about the 2015 SCMLA conference, please see: http://www.southcentralmla.org/conference/

via Univ. of Pennsylvania


CfP: Reading the Fantastic: Tales Beyond Borders

The University of Leeds invites proposals for a conference titled Reading the Fantastic: Tales Beyond Borders, to take place from 23rd-25th April, 2015.

We hope to contribute to the field by gathering connections among multiple fantasy traditions, ranging from the complexities of classical mythology to long nineteenth-century fairy tale collections, the cognitive literary analysis of folk traditions to issues in translation of fantastic texts, and beyond. By doing so, we will explore the role of fairy tales, folk tales, and fantasy texts as spaces of multi-cultural invention and intervention.


CfP: The Constructedness of the Monstrous

Inter-Disciplinary.Net invites proposals for a conference titled The Constructedness of the Monstrous, organized by The Monsters and the Monstrous Project. The conference will take place from Wednesday 15th July – Friday 17th July 2015 at Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom

This conference project seeks to raise understanding of the construction and evolution of the monstrous, its dissemination and possible disappearance over time and space. Monsters and the monstrous can appear in many shapes and disguises. We do not only encounter the monstrous in serial killers, Ebola fears or the alien world of insects, each discipline or order has its own synonym for monstrosity, from the military, legal, political and medical to the geological, social or artistic. There are both “natural” monsters, predators or inhospitable landscapes, and artificial – “engineered” – monstrosities, bodies, minds, spaces, buildings or political agendas.


CfP: Science Fiction

Tel Aviv University's Department of English and American Studies is pleased to announce its 2nd Annual Science Fiction Symposium to take place on June 9, 2015.

We are seeking proposals in the following areas:
  • Non-Western Science Fiction (anime, Soviet SF, etc.)
  • Science Fiction and Genre Hybridity (Science-Fantasy, Science-Comedy, etc.)
  • Science Fiction and Moral/Ethical Boundaries
  • Science Fiction and Transhumanism
  • Transmedia/Multimedia Science Fiction
All relevant topics are welcome; we encourage interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives as well.
Please send a 300-word abstract and a short bio to superwriter@gmail.com by Feb. 28, 2015.

via Univ. of Pennsylvania

CfP: The Other Daemonic: Estranging the Uncanny

Proposals are invited for a conference on The Other Daemonic: Estranging the Uncanny to take place at Brown University's Department of Comparative Literature Graduate Student Conference form March 20-21, 2015.

Keynote: Prof. Zachary Lesser, University of Pennsylvania

CfP: Risen From the Ashes: Speculative Fiction at the End of the World

Paper proposals are invited for a panel entitled "Speculative Fiction at the End of the World" at the American Studies Association 2015 meeting (October 8-11) in Toronto, Canada.