CfP: Evil Spaces, Wicked Places

Inter-Disciplinary.Net invites paper proposals for a conference entitled Evil Spaces, Wicked Places. The Geographies and Architectures of Evil, with a special focus on London. The event will take place in London from Monday, January 18 to Wednesday, January 20, 2016.

This inclusive interdisciplinary project explores the relationship between evil, spaces and places. From the circles of hell in Dante’s Inferno to the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge and the massacres in Bosnia and Rwanda, from crumbling sanatoria to gothic haunted houses and basements of imprisonment and sexual oppression, evil has many geographies and inhabits a wide array of accidental or designed architectures. Places become defined as evil; spaces are made evil by the actions of people or acquire the atmosphere and presence of evil. Whether real or imagined, these spaces and places speak to us of unease, fear, menace, dread, horror, the supernatural and something beyond what is human. Evil. This project seeks to map and explore the relationship between persons, evils, spaces and places.


CfP: UNApocalypse

The University of North Alabama English Department announces the 7th Annual Alabama Regional Graduate Conference in English, titled UNApocalypse: Exploring Dystopianism in Texts, to take place from February 26-27, 2016.

Recently, there has been a resurgence of critical interest in dystopianism, which is mirrored by dystopic themes in contemporary literature and pop culture like The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games series, and dystopian graphic novels. The University of North Alabama’s Department of English invites proposals for scholarly papers which investigate any aspect of dystopianism or its converse, utopianism, in language, literature, or other media. For example, topics might include readings of works within the genre of utopic or dystopic literature, but we also welcome examinations of these themes in texts. We are interested in receiving examinations of texts from any time period or country of origin, but we are particularly interested in contemporary and nontraditional texts or media.

CfP: Expanding the Scope of Horror

Proposals are invited for contributions to a special issue of Interdisciplinary Humanities, a journal issued by the Humanities Education and Research Association, titled Expanding the Scope of Horror (Fall 2016), guest edited by Edmund Cueva and William Nova.

The proposed set of essays and book reviews would have as its main objective to offer a new practical model for research and analysis as an alternative to the rigid and dichotomous methodologies often used in investigations on horror. Currently, most of the scholarship either tends to situate horror on the fringe of academic research and therefore not worthy of attention. Or, research isolates and defines horror as being strictly the intellectual property of those who are experts in literature or film.
The proposed paradigm would seek to create a multidisciplinary investigatory paradigm that will bring together into productive discussion such varied disciplines as classics, art history, philosophy, architecture, psychology, religious studies, history, gender studies, music, and the traditionally associated areas of literature and film.
The special issue would serve as a starting point for future discussion and research on horror in all of its multiple and complex forms. Please send inquiries and submissions to: Edmund Cueva at cuevae@uhd.edu and William Nowak at nowakw@uhd.edu.

via UPenn

CfP: Gothic Tourism

Chapter proposals are invited for a collection of essays on Gothic Tourism, edited by Dr Lorna Piatti-Farnell and Prof. Donna Lee Brien.
In recent years, it has become clear that ‘Gothic’ as a critical term has the potential to bring together varied perspectives, from numerous areas of enquiry. While there has been some interest in analysing examples of tourist experiences through a Gothic lens, this has mainly been limited to a small number of locations and disciplinary perspectives (London, Whitby and literary related subjects and approaches, for example). Thus, the topic of ‘Gothic tourism’ offers a new area that can be addressed from a number of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches.


CfP: Monsters and the Monstrous

Monsters and the Monstrous is a biannual peer-reviewed global journal that serves to explore the broad concept of ‘The Monster’ and ‘The Monstrous’ from a multifaceted interdisciplinary perspective. The journal publishes works that seek to investigate and assess the enduring influence and imagery of monsters and the monstrous on human culture throughout history. In particular, the journal has a dual focus with the intention of examining specific ‘monsters’ as well as evaluating the role, function and consequences of persons, actions or events identified as ‘monstrous’. 


CfP: Space Horror in Film

Article proposals are sought for a collected volume on Space Horror in Film, 1950s-2000s, edited by Michele Brittany.

CfP: Mapping Urban Horror

Paper proposals for a panel themed Mapping Urban Horror are invited for the SCMS (Society for Cinema and Media Studies) Annual Conference to take place in Atlanta GA, from March 30 to April 3rd, 2016.